Book: Trumpled


Great controversy and concern aside, the very public debates about the role of media in covering President Donald Trump and proposed neoliberalized rhetoric and political acts has put failures of the press to acknowledge Middle America on the front burner.

Political pundits, journalists, and scholars alike struggle to explain the meanings for the future of American press in both the short and long terms. Since the beginning of market changes in the 1990s that altered the profitability and sustainability of journalism globally, nothing has challenged the cultural legitimacy and authority of the press like Trump has.

In short, Trumpled: The making of Trump and the demonization of the press highlights the main elements of journalism’s struggle not only with the direct challenges of the Trump administration, but the underlying social and cultural turns and positions of power that have led to the scary situation in Washington, D.C. that already has lasting implications on everyday lives internationally.

This book will be published by Bloomsbury.