Book: Reinventing Journalism

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Readers of Reinventing journalism practice, education, and training: Addressing news as power and propaganda (Bloomsbury) will be introduced to critical and cultural theories of race, gender, history, and communication under the premise that journalists and strategic communicators operate in industries of profit, oppression, and control that benefit private enterprise.

This book argues that those who are aware of the power dynamics of the press and of professional communication can approach media messaging in ways that can benefit the social good by reconstructing communication to meet the needs of the public.



Of its main contributions, the book:

– Integrates critical and cultural theories to professional practice

– Provides areas for reader reflection and application related to critical and cultural explorations of professional communication in ways that challenge and enhance readers’ professional ideologies

– Encourages readers to use interactive assignments and exercises for group discussion and personal development to become effective and culturally aware communicators

(Tentative cover by Jared Rodriquez)