Book: News, Neoliberalism, and Miami’s Fragmented Urban Space

News, Neoliberalism, and Miami¹s Fragmented Urban Space_C1About

Mainstream news and opinion pages herald demagogic promotions of “small government” and overwhelmingly focus on the importance of consumerism, which advances a fulfillment of hedonistic, base desires at the expense of social obligations.

Therefore, News, Neoliberalism, and Miami’s Fragmented Urban Space (Lexington), authored by Moses Shumow and Robert E. Gutsche, Jr., aims to uncover and interrogate how media – in an era of globalization and the rapid acceleration of free market ideologies – are both harnessed by and are complicit in the capture and re-appropriation of spatial consciousness.

At the center of this critique of neoliberalism’s role in the transformation of Miami’s neighborhoods and the city’s mediatized geographies is an emphasis on the role of news media as a means for promoting a very specific, and yet often veiled, political and economic agenda.