Book: Meanings of Trump News

I have several projects underway that focus on the role of the press and the power of the press in the eyes of the new president, including editing a book for the Routledge Research in Journalism series, titled The Trump Presidency, Journalism, and Democracy. The book will be published in Spring 2018. I am also presenting a paper “What’s fake and why?: A theoretical landscape of discourse about ‘fake news'” at the 2017 Future of Journalism Conference, Cardiff University, Cardiff, Wales, September 14-15.

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Updates: New in Paperback, Grants & Awards

1. My book, Media Control: News as an Institution of Power and Social Control (Bloomsbury) has been released in paperback. Take a look at it here, and read a review of of it here. Listen to a recent podcast about the book.

2. I am honored to be leading a journalistic investigation supported by the Fund for Investigative Journalism to map and visualize through virtual reality Miami’s luxury development during sea level rise. Project partners include The Miami Times, the South Florida News Service, and FIU’s Mobile Virtual Reality Lab, FIU’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Center, and The South Florida Black Journalists Association.

3. Much thanks goes out to the Images and Voices of Hope (IVOH) organization for an award this summer related to my engagement in storytelling of climate change and to the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication for an Honorable Mention for a Best Practices in Service Learning in Journalism and Mass Communication award!

4. I am co-PI on a $300,000 The Inter-disciplinary Educational E-immersive Production Studio at FIU that will include enhanced virtual reality tech, a digital music studio, and an immersive viewing space. The project begins in Fall.

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Art: Exploring the “Unseen” of Data

My students will be exhibiting their work that highlights the art of data visualization and virtual reality at Art+Hack+Data in Miami this fall. The exhibit includes wall-size projections of sea level rise that highlight the beauty within data presentations and in environmental change, despite the threats.

The weekend event will then be displayed in Wynwood’s Bakehouse Art Complex for about a month.

Similar student work appeared in “A Sea Change,” a multi-disciplinary theatre experience I produced this spring.

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